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Our Mission

To provide spiritual and emotional support as well as financial assistance to those diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer.


Our Vision

No one should ever have to choose whether to pay their mortgage or pay for life-saving treatments.  No one should ever hear "You have cancer", without emotional support.  Our vision is that everyone diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer is supported. We aim to empower the hearts of those who are newly diagnosed with words of encouragement through Hope, Faith and Grace and provide critical support along the cancer journey and beyond.


Lump to Laughter was created in 2005 by two friends, Connie Hill and Tula Renee Ballard, who walked through the journey of breast cancer together. Early in the process, it was decided they were turning this trial into triumph. They knew they had to do what no one else was doing. Provide emotional and spiritual support for those diagnosed as well as provide financial assistance for necessary household expenses stopping evictions and homelessness.

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As the hearts of two friends, diagnosed with breast cancer six weeks apart, turned fear into faith their courage began to speak for itself. There is something fierce in the heart of a woman when all she loves is threatened. As cancer tried daily to terrorize them into giving up; strength arose as from the ashes and they battled together. The strength passing between them birthed and grew Lump to Laughter.

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Our Board is comprised of dedicated leaders from the Wilmington, NC area who have a passion to serve and support our community.

If you have that same passion, let us know of your interest to be considered for our annual new Board of Director elections.

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