Lump to Laughter How it all began

Our History

Lump to Laughter was created by two friends, Renee Ballard and Connie Hill, who walked through the journey of breast cancer together. Early in the process, it was decided they were turning this trial into triumph. There was no mistake in the timing of this disease hitting each woman within 6 weeks of the other. That alone convinced them they had to do something with this experience.

As the reason became clearer they knew they had to do what no one else was doing. Provide emotional and spiritual support as well as financial assistance for necessary household expenses to those diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer.

To do this they would pour out their heart and souls and share their emotional stories about their own journey through breast cancer. Exposing the emotions of a woman undergoing breast cancer assisted women with their own diagnosis and other women began sharing their inspirational stories. A support group was established, and hope packages were created to send inspirational and faith-centered items for those newly diagnosed. Finally the creation of the Angel Fund, to provide financial relief to those in active treatment who had a need. The fund pays necessary household expenses to help preserve Homelife and keep the family unit as stable as possible when the treatments from cancer cause loss of income. With each program added over the years, one common theme has always been present; Sharing Hope and God’s love to those diagnosed.

As the hearts of these two friends turned fear into faith their courage began to speak for itself. There is something fierce in the heart of a woman when all she loves is threatened. As cancer tried daily to terrorize them into giving up; strength arose as from the ashes and they battled together. The strength passing between them birthed and grew Lump to Laughter. (About L2L’s name-Renee would continually say, “We need to help them get from their lump to the laughter so they don’t give up”)

Our Branding: God led Renee and Connie to Patty Brady, a graphic designer who, after helping them design a logo for Lump to Laughter, doodled a female character beside the logo on the same page. For some reason she just thought it was cute and went along with the logo. It took only seconds for Renee and Connie to realize they and their stories would be represented by illustrated characters. And this first one would be named Grace. Over the next few weeks, Patty designed illustrated characters named, Hope and Faith and a community of Other characters who would be part of their journey on the website.

Grace will empower you to hold on to your Faith, and Hope will rise up to meet you. You are not alone; your world may feel out of control. You have more options than you know and never forget you are a victorious over comer. You will live and not die. From the diagnosis to the tattoo, with Lump to Laughter, you will find someone, not only holding your hand, but also leading the way. Let Grace, Hope and Faith be your guides and your support. They desire each of you to look upward, get in touch with the God that created you, find your purpose and listen for the beat of God's heart. We believe you just may find yourself in one of the characters. Grace, Hope and Faith will get you through this.