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In 1969 we (my family came to NC. My father was in the military and retired here in 1976. My Mom and Dad made sure that we were at church every time the doors were open. I received Christ when I was about 12 and then when I became 25 I learned what it really meant to walk with Christ in my life. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1974 she was told she only had a few months to live. To make sure her things were in order. With my father in the military and having six children there weren't many options. My mothers family lived in Germany and my fathers family had hardship of there own. Mom said the only thing we can do is to leave it in Gods hands. And that is what we all did, Prayer and believing that the Lord will bring us through. My mother is still a live today, she is 82. Now in 2006 my father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer small cell. Once again we all had lifted my father to the Lord and ask for healing, he did heal my Daddy from pain. But not the way we were asking him to do. I lost my dad on Aug.27 2006. I had put my life on hold to be with my mom and dad during this time. My husband was stationed to Germany so I stayed behind to be with my mom and to take care of my dad.. God showed me then what I would be going through while taking care o! f my father during his battle with cancer, without me even knowing it. Well my husband returned home after my father pasted, thinking that we would be able to enjoy some time together. When he received orders once again to Iraq. So as it goes with many military families we just get use to having them home and off they go again .While he was home I had found a lump and ask the doctor about it. At that time she told me I didn't have anything to worry about. A month went by and it seemed that the lump had grown once again I went to my doctor and once again she told me not to worry that it just something that happens with women during her minstrel cycle. Chris left on Feb.15th for Iraq for 15 months. I kept having this feeling that the Lord was pushing me to get it checked out again. I spoke to him saying Lord I have gone to my doctor several times I don't know what more you want me to do. The next morning I awoke and it came to me get a different doctor, so I did. I made a new! appt. with a different doctor she took one look at me and my lump sent me for a mammogram. Just by the way she had looked at me I knew something was wrong. I had the mammogram done the same day. I had this done before knowing that they would send you the results in the mail so it would be a few days before I would really know anything. NOT, the doctor ask me to come into his room where he reads this test and said, don't waste any time and get to your family doctor right away. The first thing I did was thank God for pushing me. Once I went to see my NEW family doctor she said, I am sending you to Pinehurst where they have the top of the line doctors and equipment. I took my sister with me to see what these doctors would tell me. At this time I still haven't said anything to my mother or my husband. I went through all my test and my doctor told me I had stage 4 Breast cancer. She had to get things rolling right away. My heart fell to my knees, I knew I had it but just didn't know it would be so bad. Now to go home and tell my mom! after just loosing my father a few months before. Lord please give me the strength to be brave and not show my mom how scared I really am. Once getting back to Fayetteville my sister and I walked in moms house, she knew right away something was wrong. We all prayed together and cried together. I felt that God had his hand on me this whole time. From the time my father was sick until the time I met with my new doctor and from then on. Everything just fell in place it has been a long year and a half but I made it. God had sent me to see the right doctors and had me in his hands the whole time. Just a few weeks ago I had a pet scan done and was told that I had no cancer. God does answer prayers its just not always the way we want him to answer them. My husband was able to come home once during my chemo and then again during surgery. I thank my parents for showing me growing up that the Lord is real and he does still work miracles today.
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