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My name is Tina Marie Vucci and I am 44 years old. In 1999, I discovered a lump in my left breast the size of a pea, unfortunately at that time in my life, I was on a very negative , self destructive and dark path and ignored this lump for 2 years. In that 2 years, it grew. The first Doctor I saw, told me I had cancer was going to die and told me he hope my negative choices were worth it. I then saw my Surgeon, who was wonderful and confirmed I had 3rd stage breast cancer, the pea sized lump had grown into the size of a golf ball and three that same size in my lymph nodes. I had a modified radical mastectomy and all of my lymph nodes removed. I opted for a study per my Oncologist for triple the amount of chemotherapy that he believed would save my life and if it didn't, then maybe save others. I also had 19 radiation treatments. Because of my circumstances, I was unable to have reconstructive surgery. This experience, you would think would have turned my life around at the time, it did not. I unfortunately, stayed on a negative, self destructive and negative path for years to come. I finally did turn my life around, GOD had a plan for me and still does. He allowed me to have a revelation and I decided to turn my life around with his help. Today, I am 12 years cancer free. I was actually presented with the chance to have reconstructive surgery, because I had so much radiation, it would be complicated and would be much more than one surgery. I opted to decline that surgery that I always thought I wanted. I thought, this is me, with one breast. This is my story and I'm okay with that because today, I accept myself and love myself and respect myself and I have breath of life, which is more important. Today, I help others and volunteer with many non profit Organizations and smile and laugh and do what I can. I am showing up for life today and love it. I still have a ways to go, but I'm certainly NOT where I used to be and my faith is much stronger than it used to be, I have a relationship with the Lord today. I am free today and a very strong Survivor of so much!

I was diagnosed at 33 years of age. I found the lump myself. It was 3rd stage breast cancer. It was estrogen positive and I did develop lymphedema and had physical therapy.
There was history of cancer on my biological father's side of the Family, I'm the first one with breast cancer.

Age at Diagnosis
31 to 35
Year Initially Diagnosed
How Cancer was Found
Accidental BSE
Stage at Diagnosis
Stage IIIA
Type of Breast Cancer
Modified Radical Mastectomy
Lymph Node Involvement
Lymph Node Dissection Type
Radiation Therapy
Hormone Therapy
Current Disease Status
No Evidence of Disease
Clinical Trial Participation
Treatment-Induced Menopause
Breast Reconstruction
Physical Therapy
Her2 Status
Hormone Status
Estrogen Receptive Positive
Genetic Counseling
Family History of Cancer

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