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As the reason became clearer they knew they had to do what no one had done before. Expose the emotional side of breast cancer and help women conquer this disease through early detection, facts, faith, hope and biblical inspiration. To do this they would pour out their heart and souls and write their emotional stories about their journey through breast cancer. As the hearts of these two friends turned fear into faith their courage began to speak for itself. There is something fierce in the heart of a woman when all she loves is threatened. The king of the jungle may be a male, but the lioness does the hunting. As their very lives were being threatened and cancer tried daily to terrorize them into giving up; strength arose as from the ashes and they battled together. The strength passing between them birthed Lump to Laughter.

God led Renee and Connie to Patty Brady, a graphic designer, who after helping them design a logo for Lump to Laughter, drew a female character beside the logo on the same page. For some reason she just thought it was cute and went along with the logo. It took only seconds for Renee and Connie to realize that this female character would be the writer of one of their stories and her name would be Grace. Over the next few weeks, Patty designed Hope and Faith and a community of characters who would share their journey in their books.

Lump to Laughter will captivate you as you read the stories of Grace, Hope and Faith. They share struggles, tears and truth about the first year of breast cancer. These women in the stories, although animated, are based on the stories of Connie and Renee who along with God bravely fought breast cancer and won. God's grace enabled them to overcome breast cancer and bound their hope and faith together allowing miracles to carry them above the rest. They simply refused to believe that they were survivors but instead victorious over comers.

Throughout the journey both women felt one common theme among doctors and nurses, inner strength. This certainly would not work for them. It was not mind over matter that would heal them, but Christ over all. Their stories are real and they share their intensely personal and private lives for the sake of all women facing this journey. They desire each woman to look inward, get in touch with the God that created them, find their point of purpose and listen for the beat of God's heart. They believe you will find yourself in one of the characters. They have come through this journey successfully and filled with hope.

Grace will empower you to hold on to your Faith, and Hope will rise up to meet you. You are not alone, your world is out of control. You have more options than you know and never forget you are a victorious over comer. You will live and not die. From the diagnosis to the tattoo you will find someone not only holding your hand but also leading the way, Grace, Hope and Faith will be your guides.

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